I believe development is the perfect union between creative expression and logical interpretation. My role as a developer is to use every skill I have to find unique and creative solutions to problems. I want to bring a positive and excited energy with me wherever I go.

Development attracted me due to its dual nature of solving both technical problems and people problems. The intellectual challenge of constantly evolving technologies and culture in dev is a big part of what attracted me to the field; always having something new to push me, to stretch me and for me to explore is exhilarating and helps satisfy my innate curiosity.

Since learning how to code, a favorite hobby of mine has become game design. The complex nature of building games and the team dynamics involved in bringing a project together are really exciting topics for me, and the ability to see something that I’ve helped to create come to completion brings a real sense of satisfaction. Specifically my interests are currently web development, but especially love solving any complex problem. Though my first love is Ruby, any other language or stack is just a new world to explore.

Outside of the world of tech, I game regularly (Minecraft, occasional MMO, possibly League and various indie titles), cook constantly, read voraciously (technical books, fantasy/sci-fi epics, historical fiction and literature classics), write (prose, poetry and blogging), and generally do what I can to explore my new home city of Chicago as best as the weather allows.